This page contains the list and description of all our programs. Although some of our programs are offered year-round, some are offered at various times throughout the year. Please click on “Activities Calendar” for the detailed schedule of the programs that we are currently offering.

Drums Alive

Using rhythm as the source of inspiration, Drums Alive® combines the benefits of a traditional physical fitness program with the brain affected benefits of music and rhythm. Drums Alive® is a program that fosters a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and socially! Join our class and experience an element of fun and creative expression.

Our choreography is designed to enhance physical and mental fitness, to burn fat and above all, to have fun, fun, fun. Drums Alive® fits every age group because it is such a versatile and adaptable activity. This group is offered in series of 10 weeks.

Dyna Band exercises

The Dyna Band is a resistance band activity that encourages individuals to maintain overall physical condition. The WNCHC exercise program offers different levels of Dyna bands so individuals can work with their desired intensity. Resistance training allows the body to work hard and reach its potential for gaining strength and flexibility. The main benefit of this type of exercise is that individuals can work at their own pace, while controlling a series of different movements. Dyna Bands provide linear resistance - the more a band is stretched, the greater the resistance.

Golden Beats

Using rhythm as the source of inspiration, Golden Beats, which is a softer version of Drums Alive®, combines the benefits of a traditional physical fitness program by combining music and rhythm.  Golden Beats is a program that promotes healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and socially!


A scrapbook is a decorated photo album that preserves the stories behind the photos.  It can hold memorabilia (tickets, certificates, letters, etc.). Participants can create picture frames or any personal scrapbooking project. Some scrapbookers create an album for each family member. This program is a great way to socialize!

The scrapbooking group meets once a week to design and organize their memories guided by a passionate scrapbooking expert. Register online or call the WNCHC for information or to reserve a spot. There is a nominal fee to replenish scrapbooking supplies.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is known for its slow and fluid movements and is reminiscent of a dance. Dance of life, dancing waves, Tai Chi combines heaven and earth, and energy relaxation, meditation and action, stillness and movement, and it avoids stagnation and unrest.

Tai Chi provides a complete physical exercise and calming of the mind. This holistic practice allows us to make peace with ourselves, with our surroundings and with the universe.

Tai Chi is medically recognized as beneficial for a better functioning of organs and joints and to maintain an appropriate balance of nervous functions. This traditional Chinese gymnastics is practiced at any age, regardless of physical condition. Tai-Chi is a closed group (you must pre-register for 10 sessions) and meets weekly. There is a beginner’s class as well as an advanced class. This program is volunteer lead by a qualified Tai Chi instructor.


Senior Yoga – Sturgeon Falls site (Francophone group)

The word Yoga means union of the body and mind. Yoga incorporates exercise, breathing and meditation helping you achieve patience, calm and self- control.

The group is for seniors and offers an hour of meditation and gentle exercises through guided instruction. This weekly group is led by a volunteer with several years of experience in yoga. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is required.